Student Success Statement

Choose the Right!!

Student Success Statement

“Adversity causes some men to break—others to break records”

-William A. Ward

What Mr. Ward is saying is that hard times can cause you to break meaning give up or even take your life but to others it causes them to break records and go beyond their expectations. The hard times to some people are motivations to them that make they do the unexpected and break records. Because of the hard times they become a stronger person and show the people that told them they can’t do it that they can do it. For example there are artist that went through a rough childhood from not having their parents to drugs to being homeless and they had people tell them that they were never going to become famous but those hard times made them a stronger person and chased their dreams. Some of them are now the richest artist alive.  Just because you are going through tough time that doesn’t mean you should give up that means that you should not give up and chases after what you really want.


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